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Note: i am a whitle blower
I was denied whistle blower status by the d.O.J. Even though they acknowledged my whistle blower complaint on march 3 & 31, 2014
Justice is for all crime victims
Including whistle blowers!!! 

Conspiracy and fraud on the court is committed by dora, isle of capri's counsel-mark barnes, Gilpin county district court, gilpin county court judge frederic barker rodgers, et el Rodgers sat on the bench acting as a district court judge with absolutely no jurisdiction 
In civil matter 2006cv32 coffelt v colorado central station casino aka the isle of capri  
Also committing fraud on the court is chief justice r. Brooke jackson 
(Now a federal court judge in district 10)    

July 13, 2010, I inquired from the sos wtih a certified document fee of $20, paid to shari a  mazur for 
This inquiry, which she certified with the great state seal. 
I was simply inquiring to find out if a frederic barker rodgers is a qualified district court judge with a valid oath of office on file with the SOS
As required by colorado constitution, art XII sections 8,9,10 

I uncover that rodgers has no oath of office or bond filed with the sos and received a certified copy, signed by Shari a Mazur that a Frederic Barker Rodgers has no oath of office filed with sos as a district court judge, which is a constitutional and general law requirement  
This is fraud on the court
This is what I uncovered in this investigation going forward 

Rodgers took his county oath of office january 9, 2007 and filed it with sos via fax january 10, 2007. 3.5 years later, on july 8, 2010, rodgers and mazur committed conspired to committ felonies 
Pursuant to 18 u.S.C. 505 & 506 - forging a judge's seal - gov't officials are forging judge's oath of office with the great state seal 

Frederic Barker Rodgers committed this felony by knowingly having his county oath of office forged by a shari a mazur of the secretary of state, who certified with the great state seal that a frederic barker rodgers is a district court judge in gilpin county - all fraud 
How did I out of the blue investigate and uncover this self evident fraud on the court?

September 3, 2010, having certified notification from Shari a Mazur that Rodgers has no valid 

May 7, 2012, I uncovered a fraud from the county oath of office mailed to me by gilpin county clerk and recorder. What was the fraud. , certified with the great state seal  and promptly reported to the 1st judicial chief justice, 1st judicial da, Gilpin county sheriff, Gilpin county clerk and recorder

The clerk of the court sos admitted to me on record Rodgers had a forged oath of office in violation of 18, u.S.C. § 505 - 506 - forging a judges seal. SOS in turn sends me certified copies, again with the great state seal dated february 6 & 20, 2013 that a Frederic Barker Rodgers has never has been a district court judge at any time in the State of Colorado
Who files documentation with the clerk of the 1st judicial to only commit additional fraud on the court, with all local police enforcment 
In colorado notified, including the judicial commission and state attorney general does nothing and who forces me to file as a whistle blower with the D.O.J. - o.I.G. And F.B.I, with no investigation ordered and nothing being done except to state "we sent you a letter"   
Then there never will be justice in our society now will there?