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David & Marcia Coffelt - JUNE 2003 - NAV TEAM

my whistle blower complaint to oig is 

Responded to by the u.S. Doj, oig
August 2013 and again in february 2014  
I filed with oig based on our son's recommendation 
Son is on active duty 20+ years - has served as oig for u.S. Army 

Complaint filed with colorado ag in 2012

No interview  

​February 6, 2015 - meeting with state rep steve lebsock
Responds with 
Don't you think this is too big?

"I think i need to write a letter to ag cynthia coffman" 

"dora is not going to go out of their way to help us,
they're in the wrong by not giving your hearing;
 larry adkinson knows the whole story about dora?"  
(Lebsock calls adkinson)

"We can't go to the secretary of state (17:59) dora is the one who should have heard your hearing but didn't

(18:10) you don't go to dora". 
Denver da - (18:56) they refused or what was their response?" 

"I'm going to go to the attorney general's office (26.07)
to see if larry atkinsson is doing an investigation" 

"This is way higher than larry adkinsson (45:50)
i think i'm going to go talk with cynthia coffman (46:15)
i'm going to go talk with cynthia coffman (47:50)
don't go to the sos because their in it (48:30) 
I do not know what to do, i'm going to go talk to cynthia coffman"

July 2, 2014 - call 1 
I called and spoke with a nameless oig official - color of law complaint is none of my business.  Oig official refuses to state his name; states my complaint has been reviewed; unsigned letters sent out unsigned is not uncommon. States oig is not obligated to investigate all complaints received. States i should receive a follow up letter from the fbi.  I asked when does the oig step in, i am not going to justify how we make our decisions.  Can i ask who i am speak with today? No; i'm not going to go into that,  you contacted us

FBI - february 2, 2014 call 2 
Lee harbaugh , fbi/dc returns my call - "we do not tell you the status of an investigation". We did follow up, we sent you a letter, it has been processed as of now, that's why we sent you a letter, we have no obligation to let complainant know status of complaint, it is a confidential matter. Denver office will be in contact! Unless it is misconduct we do not investigate!!!  The denver office should follow up, i don't know what they are doing.     

Message to lee harbaugh to call me july 2, 2014
Voice message i left for lee harbaugh with fbi in washington dc  

March 3, 2014
I received a ridiculous unsigned letter from doj 
Oig informs me that after a  "careful review" by an unknown doj - oig official that my whistle blower & fbi complaint originally filed in august, 2013 - resent again february 8, 2014, is received and reviewed by oig with file sent back to the fbi in washington dc, to investigate the denver fbi of their refusal to investigate or to dismiss my color of law charges filed for crimes committed by state of colorado judicial & executive officials, which was filed with denver fbi office on may 25, 2012 doj - oig complaint about the fbi is sent back to the fb i??? Wtf???

March 31, 2014 - fbi sends letter thanking me for coming forward with my official fbi complaint that they, the fbi will handle internally??? 

More wtf???  
66 point affidavit with verified documents on record verifying government's
Collusion & coverup to 
Deny due process of law 
Prima facie evidence on record 
Cannot be rebutted
Colorado judicial & executive fraud & forgery 
Is committed against  we the people
All in concert acting under color of law

*18 u.S.C § 241 conspiracy against rights
*18 u.S.C. § 242 deprevation of rights under color of law
*18 u.S.C § 505 authenticates signature  of an illegal district court judge with no standing
*18 u.S.C§ 506 forging state agency seal
*as in the paul sellors - ron hoodenpy;e federal case of forging a government seal
Malicious prosecution -why is mr. Coffelt's colorado driver's lic picture
Submitted as state evidence in the above federal case
*18 u.S.C. § 1016 - u.S.C. §1017 acknowledgement of appearance or oath by seal

May 25, 2012 - color of law complaint filed with denver fbi

June 19, 2012 - filed criminal complaint with denver district attorney
Recorded interview with denver da evan kiatkowski and debra shapier - economic crime division

July 2, 2012 - interviewed by denver da - economic crime division

Sept 5, 2012 - march 26, 2013 - interviewed by fbi 4 times - email correspodence

Feb 20, 2013 - secretary of state certifies rogers never had a district court oath

Feb 22, 2013 - recorded interview with fbi agent milka & us marshal paul otto
Secretary of state clerk is recorded & acknowledges forged oath of office
Captured  1 on  2  tape 3  -  recording emailed to fbi agent kimberly c milka